A guide to wax melts and how to use them

BU botanical wax melts are made with 100% Soy Wax and natural botanical. They are also vegan and cruelty free.

As BU wax melts are handmade and hand poured with 100% Soy Wax, there may be small imperfections, making each one Beautifully Unique. Frosting is a white crystalline that can form on the surface of natural waxes and is an indication that 100% natural soy wax has been used. Whilst additives can be introduced to help prevent frosting, I prefer to keep BU products au naturale. Frosting does not affect the performance or scent of the wax melt.

What is a wax melt?

A wax melt is a blend of fragrance and wax. When warmed, the wax melts and enables the fragrance to vaporise resulting in a beautiful aroma filling the air. To preserve the scent of your wax melt it is advisable to store it flat in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight (such as cupboard or drawer) and in its original packaging. This stops the product from sweating and the fragrance releasing itself from the wax. 

Wax Melts vs Candles

Whilst both release fragrance into the air. Wax melts tend to provide better value for money, have a longer burn time and contain more fragrance. Wax melts are heated up slowly by their warmers, which will gradually release the scent steadily over time. Since the fragrance is released at a different rate, it results in wax melts having more burn time than candles.

As scented candles require you to burn them using a wick, this affects how much fragrance can be added to the candle. A typical candle is unable to hold more than 7% fragrance, whereas most wax melts can hold up to 10-12%.

An average candle can cost around £20 and have a burn time of approximately 30 hours. Whereas the average BU wax melts cost around £6 with an average burn time of 50 hours. Making wax melts significantly better value for money than candles.

How to use your wax melt

BU has a range of wax melts including snap bars, cylinder and geo hearts. When using a snap bar I would recommend using just one segment at a time. In the case of cylinders and geo hearts these can be put in whole (depending on the size of your burner). 

  • Step 1: Simply put the wax melt into the dish of your wax melt warmer. It is important to ensure that you are using a warmer that is approved for wax melts and not an oil burner. 
  • Step 2: Place an unscented tealight in the centre of the designated space in your warmer. The wax will slowly melt and release a beautiful aroma. One segment from our snap bar will last for approximately 10 hours. It is advisable to use a 4hr rather than 8hr tealight, as an 8hr one could cause your warmer to get too hot and crack. The excess heat may also cause the fragrance to burn off quicker. 

It is important to note that the amount of wax will not decrease in your burner. So if you've been using your wax melt and are thinking "why doesn't this smell anymore?" you may be experiencing a case of nose-blindness, or it may be time to change your wax melt.

  • Step 3 To remove the wax, firstly, make sure your warmer is cool to touch. There are a few methods you can use to empty your warmer. You can either light a tea candle and allow the wax to melt for a couple of minutes until it's in a liquid form and then use a cotton ball or tissue to soak up the liquid and discard. Alternatively, you can light a tea candle, wait until the wax has loosened slightly and then scoop it out and place it in the bin. Once you've removed your wax, wipe the wax melt warmer dish with either a paper towel or damp cloth. I wouldn't recommend using cleaning products as this may give off harmful gases when burning.
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    Blueberry and Vanilla Candle melts
    The smell before melting is absolutely lush and that continues right through to when they are melting.
    It melted with ease and gives a lovely smell which fills the room and surroundings rooms.

    Ton Saint

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