About BU

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I'm Kristelle and I founded Beautifully Unique (BU) in 2018. I am an empathic, nature lover and mental health advocate. Handcrafting products is something I enjoy, in addition to finding both relaxing and therapeutic. My aim is to provide products that bring joy and peace to your day. For example; a wax melt that supplements your Self Care Sunday regime, a diffuser that relaxes and soothes or a room spray that energises and revitalises. 

Each order is packaged with an "I AM" affirmation card. I feel that it’s important we speak positivity over ourselves and affirm the things we want for our lives. It is my hope that everytime you look at the card it will remind you of all that is great about yourself. Why not make it a daily practice to say out loud "I AM" followed by something positive about yourself or what you wish to affirm for your life . 

The BU logo is simple but holds a deeper meaning. The words expand outside/ stretch across the box as I believe that you shouldn't limit yourself to "The Box" (what society, your friends, family etc, say you should do or be) but instead look to expand outside this and just BU. (See what I did there?!) 😉

I am passionate about wellbeing and am proud to donate a portion of all BU sales to The Empowerment Group (TEG). TEG is a mental health charity that supports Black adults in the UK facing mental health challenges.

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No really, thank you for taking the time to get to know myself and BU a little better. 

Kristelle 💜