How to get the most out of your room spray

Room sprays are a great way to uplift any space. Unlike diffusers or wax melts, room sprays can provide an instant boost. BU rooms sprays are vegan, non-toxic and cruelty free delivering a cleaner and safer scent.

Below are some ideas on how to get the most out of your room spray.

Layer the scent

You can layer the scent by pairing with a matching wax melt or diffuser (where applicable). Spray into the centre of the room at the same time as lighting your wax melt. The room spray will provide an immediate hit of fragrance and as it begins to subside, the scent of the wax melt picks up.

Or, why not create a bespoke home scent, by layering the room spray with a wax melt or diffuser in a different but complementary scent. 

Use linen and cloths

BU room sprays can also be used as fabric refreshers and actually work better when paired with linens or other cloths. Room sprays will eventually dissolve in the air but when sprayed on fabrics, the aroma absorbs, providing a longer lifespan. 

Spraying your curtains and bedding is a great way to leave them smelling beautifully fresh. If you're looking for therapeutic rest, the Lavender and Lemon room spray is a great addition to a nightly routine and can help to aid with a restful sleep. Simply give your bedding a spray before getting under the covers.

Whilst we have tested our room spray on a number of different materials it is always recommended to test on a small discrete area first.

In doorways

Using a room spray around a doorway is an ideal way to smell it each time you enter a room. Generously spray your chosen scent around the doorframe and door. This is also perfect for when you have guests coming over.

In your car

A more unusual option but hear me out! With the joy that is traffic, car journeys can be long and tiring but giving your car a quick spray of a refreshing and mood-boosting scent can set you up for the journey ahead.
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