Running is overrated!

Running is overrated! Yea I said it! Now before you potentially go off on me about the benefits of running, let me explain.

I don't mean the literal act of running, I mean figuratively. In this society of instant gratification we seem to be constantly running/rushing. Running to meet certain goals, running to complete a task, running the rat race etc etc. Let's be honest we are often made to think that if we aren’t busy then we aren’t achieving or progressing and I don't know about you but I'm tired! My body has been giving me the signs that I have been running for too long. For me this presented as loss of motivation, constantly being tired (no matter how much sleep I got) as well as headaches. For you, burn out may look slightly different and may include a sense of failure and self-doubt, feeling helpless, trapped and/or defeated, detached and alone, isolating yourself from others, turning to food, drugs or alcohol as a coping mechanism or even procrastinating. If any of these resonate with you, it may be a sign that you need to stop running. 

I've therefore decided to give up running and am entering a period of striding. The definition of stride is to walk with long, decisive steps in a specified direction” and that is what I need to do in all areas of my life. Like many small businesses I am still feeling the effects of COVID-19. This has had an impact on the volume of sales, issues obtaining stock as well as increase in the price and shipping of stock. Rather than stress about it I have decided to take my time and "pivot!" (Watchers of Friends will get why that'sin quotion marks hahaha). I will now be making decisive steps in a different direction (Keep an eye out for updates on the new direction!) rather than literally running myself ragged.


I’ve also decided to stride in my personal life which has included having check out evenings once a week. This is where I disconnect from all technology (apart from my Kindle) and use the time to escape from the fast pace of life (I include social media in this) and just be still. I'm using these evenings to journal, action plan, read or put on a good playlist (another technology exception if being used for this purpose) and have a one woman dance party. I have also been making the most of the lighter (and cooler) evenings to go for a walk or sit in the park. 

I am also trying to schedule 2 nice things for myself a week. This doesn’t have to be big or expensive and is sometimes just a face and foot mask (you can even pick these up from the pound shop), using my foot spa or treating myself to a nice dinner and bottle of Moscato. I often incorporate this into my checkout evening. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I have this on lock and get it right every week but I'm trying and having it scheduled makes me more aware that I need to take time out to just stop and reflect. 

There’s plenty of room on the bench, so if you too are tired of running feel free to take a seat next to me and rest for a while. 

Be Kind To Yourself and PYP*!

Kristelle x

(*Protect Your Peace) 

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